About Us


Who We Are

Founded in 2007, Zotaro Ltd specializes with translates business ideas into successful presences. We work with our clients and partners in an increasingly complex technological industry to create out of the box strategies and translate them into executed products, solutions or applications.

Since opening our doors in July, 2007, we’ve enjoyed much success and built a solid reputation for providing personal service and first class solutions for our clients and partners. We directly attribute our continued company growth to our strict standards of excellence, consistent internal processes and corporate culture.

For us, collaboration, out-of-the-box thinking, teamwork and open communication are not just buzzwords. They are an integral part of how we do businesses. We’re proud that we’ve staffed our company with a group of experienced people whose single-minded objective is to develop intuitive, innovated and versatile solutions and technologies. View our portfolio to learn how we can help you transform your business objectives and customer needs into targeted communication strategies.


You need the right solution, idea and infrastructure to reach your business potential. We deliver custom solutions to meet your needs. Our team is made up of high-performing, innovative professionals with a unique blend of talent, creativity and commitment. You benefit from the insight, ingenuity and resourcefulness that we derive from our vast Internet and technology experience.

We believe

We believe that companies, organizations and individuals depend, now, more than ever before on innovative thinking. Creativity is our way to discover; out-of-the-box thinking and eliminating boundaries. In our view, companies that recognize this and come to appreciate and master creativity will outperform those that master operations and innovation. Our mission as professionals is to help companies recognize and unleash the potential of creativity